Hi Anoop… we have one question from customer.. monthly cumulative updates should change build version of OS.. for some machines it is updating n for some machines build versiom is not changed but sccm compliance report says as compliant..

May i know the reason please

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    Ok let me check


    Hi Anoop

    Kb4586793 is part of OSD.but monthly CU on some machines says ubr is updated but on some machines it s not.. let me is there any logs that i need to check or any os related dll files has been corrupted? Is its os dll pls tell me which dll i need to check ?


    Well, there are detailed explanation about Windows 10 build version

    Windows 10 Major Minor Build Rev – More details here

    I have seen Microsoft update the numbers in the REV category after the update of a cumulative update.

    You can see some examples in the following post

    What is the reason for not updating the rev numbers is a tricky question… we need to analyse each one case by case and find the root cause.

    There could some know issues or that CU is already included in the image itself so the CU is not needed etc…

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