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Query is about SCEP:

Few servers in infra not updating SCEP definition. About the setup:

Version : MECM 2002. Clients running latest agent.

MP : 4, DP : 50, SUP : 2 (1 HTTP and 1 HTTPS). FSP,

SCEP Update Order : 1st fetch from SCCM and if update not available then fall back to SCEP MS update catalog.

Total Servers 3600, Problem with 100. Sometime updating automatically after 4 days and sometimes not updating at all. All on Prem.

Sometime a simple “Update Definition” does the work and sometimes reboot fixes,
Few genuine servers get fixed after “MpCmdRun.exe -RemoveDefinitions [-All] or -RestoreDefaults or -SignatureUpdate “
There are not much information available on google too apart from the generic MS article

and the one from Henrik Hoe.

If any script available to repair SCEP agent (If corrupted), trigger MpCmdRun.exe -RemoveDefinitions [-All] or -RestoreDefaults or -SignatureUpdate “

and fix registry values and update definitions if older then 1 day?. Configuration Item to detect and repair available? reset the state message only for SCEP and resend it? Not restricting myself for anything and all methods can be tested. Thanks a lot in Advance.

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  1. It seems better to raise a support case with Microsoft and don’t forget to share the resolution here

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  2. This is so complex question… it seems no one has answers

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