Server Crash After Upgrading from 2203 to 2211


Hi All,

We recently upgraded our env from 2203 to 2211, and one of our secondary servers crashed after the upgrade. Please suggest how can i recover my site. I have performed below steps:
Formatted the ConfigMgr drive and retried to install the secondary site but got the below error while pre-req check.
Posted by Priya Bhargava in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by Srikanth Dagumati

    There are SQL instances that are installed on the secondary site server and making conflict.
    Or the TCP port is using another instance where you can use another port.
    Or I have seen the Formatted Disk drive. In a specific drive, are there any Secondary site server-related directory files? If files are not there then we can’t recover it. Better to reimage the server and reinstall the Secondary site server.

    Replied by Pranjal Gupta

    Install SSMS there, take a backup of your DB, then detach the DB and try to install it again

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