Server shown unknown status in a patch deployment


I have opened the log file on the server which is showing as unknow in the view status of the deployment

This is the error from the updateDeployment.log
I also checked the locationservices.log cas.log contenttransfermanager.log and Datatransferservice.log
all had no errors or warnings.

GetUpdateInfo – failed to get targeted update, error = 0x87d00215. UpdatesDeploymentAgent On the server in Assets Device collections I right clicked on the server and selected client notifications then selected download computer policy and also selected evaluate software update deployments.

waited about 30 minutes but I still see this server as unknown in the deployment status

please advice suggestion

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    Unknown status (most of the scenario) is basically because scan results are not sent to SCCM servers.

    Can you check scanagent.log to confirm this?

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