servicing stack update to windows 10 systems through sccm


Hello guys, we re running on sccm cb version 1902. Recently we have discovered one problem. Whenever we deploy servicing stack update to windows 10 systems through sccm we get an error but when we checked manually to install update on systems its getting installed. Eg there is a servicing stack in april for win 10 1903 is kb4552152 is failing in most of systems but when checked manually its getting installed. Due to this update is failing we are having low compliance level. If anyone knows how to fix this issue pls guide😇

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    You need to deploy the SSU update first before deploying your security updates.

    Starting from 1910 even if SSU and security updates are part of same SUG then sccm by default install SSU first then i push other updates.



    Are you deploying the Servicing Stack updates separately from the other updates? Meaning deploying SU first? With ConfigMgr, you don’t need to do this because ConfigMgr has the built-in mechanisms to install the updates in the proper sequence.

    Also, keep in mind that updates, SU or CU gets superseded monthly and sometimes weekly depending on what’s happening with patch issues or bugs. So, trying to install April updates in June is irrelevant.

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    Also please write appropriate heading for the issue and then mention the issue in the notes.


    Have checked what error it is showing in WUAHandler.log? Can you copy and paste the log information here as the image is not clear.

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