Setup of Connected cache in ConfigMgr 2002


Hi Everyone

This is my first post! Some great content on here and been following some of this to assist me with my work. Keep up the great work and I’ll be sure to share when I can.

So current scenario is using Co-management of devices, have MEM and are now moving to a cloud adopted model for device management however still reliant on MCEM for app deployments as we have hundreds of them and also wish to use connected cache which currently relies on a on-premises DP.

I have setup Connected cache on a new DP but am struggling to get this working wit h a co-managed device.

Following the official MS documentation on CC as well as this

On the client I am expecting to see some reg keys related to DO but I am not receiving these, these are DOCacheHost and DOGroupID.

The server config for CC has been setup correctly I have confirmed that and the results show when I check the DOINC log file on the DP server. Its just the client side. Any advice on this would be most appreciated and I can share some of the config if needed.



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  1. In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Monitoring workspace, and select the Client Status node.
    In the ribbon, select Client Status Settings.

  2. I think there is an option called resultant setting for each device or collection I don’t remember …that will give you the details about the custom policy got deployed on to that particular device…—resultant-client-settings

  3. Well I have seen a video tutorial on this by Adam if I’m not wrong…but I couldn’t find the link now.

    BTW… so are you expecting internet clients to use Connected Cache or not it’s only internal office lan connected Intune managed clients. Later is the normal use case for most of the organization if I’m not wrong.

    I hope the above link might give some hints,

    And always check the event logs on intune managed device to understand it better …


      Thanks Anoop.

      I have had another play with the config and it was actually the custom client settings that hadn’t been deployed to the client so it wasn’t receiving the config for connected cache. The problem is now resolved 🙂

      Quick question, you may know

      Is there a way I can check within MCEM and monitor any custom client policies that I deploy to clients similar to like an application deployment?

      Connected cache I understand in Azure is still in private preview and has been for nearly over a year, do you know if there is any timeframes around when CC in Azure will be public preview or even GA?

      Keep up the great work, I respect your work and am slowly going through all the material you post to further my own knowledge. It’s been really helpful and I speak for a lot of people that you and the rest of the experts do is valued and appreciated.


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