“Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step, and TS continues to the newly installed client in the Full OS.


After imaging the machine, I can see it in the ConfigMgr console but the client says No and it’s not displaying a green icon.

I have to wait a few minutes and reboot before it starts replicating again and becomes online in the console. Any ideas?

I tried keeping an eye during the TS and it looks like it only downloads the sccm client setup files but skips the installation process…

Posted by Bryan Jacob in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Barun Jha

    Seem it could be a certificate issue

    Replied by Herman van Drie

    Was the client notification communication channel (default TCP/10123) used? Make sure ports are opened from client to MP. This channel is used to show/update online status.



    Replied by Shane Alexander

    The Client gets installed during the “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step, and then the TS continues after being handed over to the newly installed client in the Full OS.

    What are the Client Properties you have in your “Setup Windows and ConfigMgr” step?
    What does smsts.log show?

    (If set up, an F8 and use cm trace to view. eg. under X:)

    What does ccmsetup.log & client.msi.log show prior to the “few minutes and reboot”?
    What does ClientIDManagerStartup.log show prior to the “few minutes and reboot”?

    Same with ClientLocation.log?
    Same with LocationServices.log?

    What image are you using in the TS? The “bare” WIM from Microsoft, or a captured WIM (that had the Client in it)?

    Replied by James Hackenberg

    I have an endpoint manager with a 300GB database on spinning patterns and it can be slow.
    If you’re using HTTPS you have to wait for the config manager in the control panel to show PKI.

    Once you do that you can kick start it by running the actions and it will sync up but the config manager takes a while to get its act together and check it off.

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