Simple script to backup device/user collections list from SCCM


Hi All,
I am looking for simple script or steps to schedule in SCCM server to backup device/user collections lists.

Appreciate if anyone share the script or steps. Thank You.

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    Maybe on late side, but you should start DevOps’ing (Device) Collections or at least start using:

    And to answer your question: Use this to backup/dump all your device collections:

    Export-CMCollection -Name * -ExportFilePath “c:\temp\ExportedCollections.mof” –Verbose –ForceWildcardHandling #-WhatIf

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  1. I think the best way to use something like this using wmi

    $CMCollection = ([WMIClass]”\\LDCM01\root\sms\site_P35:SMS_Collection”).CreateInstance()

    More details

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