Site Status Error as critical


Error Detail QPI 11/18/2020 11:29:24 AM XXXXXXX.FMR.COM SMS_WSUS_CONTROL_MANAGER 1083 Site Component Manager successfully used the SMS_SERVER_BOOTSTRAP_XXXXXXXXX service to run the following program on site system “\XXXXXXX.FMR.COM”: \XXXXXXXX.FMR.COMF$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe /install /siteserver:XXXXXXX.DMN1.FMR.COM The program failed for the following reason: The file “\XXXXXXXXX.FMR.COMF$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe” does not exist.

Possible cause: Site Component Manager does not have sufficient access rights to administer the site system. Solution: Verify that the Site System Installation accounts are properly configured to allow the site to administer the site system.
Site Component Manager cannot install component SMS_WSUS_CONTROL_MANAGER until the program runs successfully. If this problem persists, refer to your ConfigMgr Documentation or the Microsoft Knowledge Base for further troubleshooting information.

I am seeing this error in Site status in SCCM
I have checked sitecomp.log and I see the error as

The file “\XXXXXXXXX.FMR.COMF$SMSbinx64rolesetup.exe” does not exist.
The file “\XXXXXXXXX.FMR.COMF$SMSbinx64perfsetup.exe” does not exist.
The file “\XXXXXXXXX.FMR.COMF$SMSbinx64comregsetup.exe” does not exist.

Not sure what to check further .Please help

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    Yes I have checked for the file and it is present

    I will check the other 2 steps

  1. Can you check whether the role setup exe is present in that location?

    Also make sure there is anti virus scanning exclusion from those folders

    WSUS and sup are working fine ?
    Can you check this by initiating a manual sync

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