Facing some wierd issue, since last two three weeks post rebuild of machines, only two client action items are showing.

Right now issue has been highlighted for the clients getting rebuild at 2 secondary sites.Can see lot of errors in the SMS_MP_CONTROL_MANAGER component stating – ‘MP has rejected a message from GUID:B8CBD77D-7673-467B-BD27-11A480935050 because the signature could not be validated. If this is a valid client, it will attempt to re-register automatically so its signature can be correctly validated.’

Also there are some errors in one of the Primary as ‘MP has rejected policy request from Client(SMSID = GUID:41CDAE1E-A018-49DA-ACC8-6838E2FC8237) because this SMSID is marked as blocked.’

Have followed some queries to get the blocked client at primary and it is giving different 67 results.

I know this is something related to client registration as i can see post rebuild client is trying to register with two different SMS Unique Identifier.

As part of troubleshooting deleted the machine from SCCM, uninstalled SCCM client, deleted SMSCFG.ini file and again tried to install client and it works.

But the issue is lot of machines  get rebuild in my environment can we do something in the installation during TS to fix this issue.Currently looking at the IIS logs on the MP to see if any issues are reported.

The only thing that has been done before three weeks was SCCM Upgrade from 1906 to 1910.

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    You can close this thread, as of now no resolution, for workaround have given access for computer account deletion to support team member who rebuild the machines do that they can delete the machine first from.SCCM.

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    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for your reply!
    It is not happening with single machine but random machines as of now have encountered it on 10 or more machines.


    This should be a duplicate GUID issue. But you have already done all the troubleshooting activities which I was going to recommend.

    I would rebuild one machine and check again whether this is happening with that machine or not.

    If so, there is some hardware ID issue on the vendor hardware ….

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