SMS_REST_PROVIDER shows Critical


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I have a problem in my Infrastructure with the SMS_REST_PROVIDER. All of a sudden it shows Critical. When I checked the status messages, it shows “Administration service process failed to bind or unbind SSL certificate”. Could you please help me with this error?

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    If you have required .NET version installed and you are still facing the same issue then check for folder CMRestProvider inside the sccm installation directory \bin\x64.
    This folder should have full permission for SYSTEM and Administrators.


    But you can first check if the required .NET version is correct on site server.


    I have seen this issue in my environment and that happened post upgrade, we were suspecting it might be something related to .NET version but that was correct.It was some permission related issue in one of the folders of configuration manager installation directory.
    Will reply back to you which folder it was.
    But you have nothing to worry about that component.

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