Software & Application deployments in PROD environment to be made possible in Non-PROD environment


Hello. We have a DEV (and other Non-PROD environments) and a PROD infra in place. All software and application deployments are done only in PROD infra. How do we get the deployments to DEV and basically non-PROD infra? The scenarios are as below:
1. SCCM PROD clients that are in DEV environment
2. Prod clients in QA environment
3. DEV client in DEV environment

Setting up migration source and destination within the DEV and PROD hierarchies is not possible in my infra since there are trust and network issues in DEV environment.

Can you please advise on how can this be made possible? How can I get the deployments in DEV as in PROD environment?

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  1. You will need to go through manual or scripted option to export Task Sequence, Applications from Production and then import into DEV and NON Prod environments.

    1. Export Task Sequence –
    2. Export SCCM Applications –

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