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Hello Guys, I am facing issue on one of my VDI while launching Software Center showing that required components are missing. I am using SCCM 1906. So far I have done bellow: Uninstalled and re-installed client Repaired client Ensure all pre-reqs are installed like VCRedist, Silverlight, Supported Dot Net versione etc Surprisingly SW Center from below path opens without any error but shows empty C:windows CCMSCClient.exe But when tried to open New SW Center (which is set to Yes from client settings for all and setting is applied to this VDI) fails to load giving attached error. C:windows CCMClientUXSCClient.exe This machines has packages are deployed and these gets installed without issue but challenge is to install software which are deployed as AVAILABLE. I checked SCNotify_xxx.log and it shows successful WMI queries to CCM_PROGRAM but fails to load programs in SW Center causing it to crash immediately. Below cryptic lines appears in SCNotify log that fails to load X: Exception Microsoft.SoftwareCenter.Client.Data.WmiException: Provider load failure; (Microsoft.SoftwareCenter.Client.SingleInstanceApplication at OnGetException) Am I missing something obvious to look for? I am hoping WMI repository is intact and passed consistency check.SW Center fails to load

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    I guess as Harijit mentioned this may be more related with Duplicate GUIDs especially being VDI in question.

    You may have to re-visit and check the VDI provisioning methods if it is done using master image with SCCM client on it .

    If you still want to continue with same VDI provisioning method then would suggest to consider the changes required with respect to having CM client on the master template.

    You may have to clean certificate traces, smscfg.ini and keep smsagenthost service is delayed stop status

    With this when the new VDI is provisioned and turned on …it will start fresh registration process and with which you can avoid the duplicate GUIDs being created necessarily



    Check Dot net framework installed version
    reinstall SCCM client version
    Check multiple session is opened on that machine.



    Check whether SCCM Provisioning mode went to True in the below regkey path

    Check whether service is running or stopping when you try to run

    Check required Dot Net framework is installed


    What you are running into is a situation of duplicate GUIDs and certificates with your VDI systems. I assume that you installed the SCCM client on the master or template image and that is being used for provisioning the VDI systems.

    You need to do the following on the master image:

    1. Stop the SMS Host Service, aka ccmexec.

    2. Delete the SMSCFG.ini file from the Windows folder.
    Launch CMD in Administrator mode, and run the command:
    del %WINDIR%\smscfg.ini

    3. Delete the SMS certificates.
    Launch PowerShell as Administrator, then run the following:
    Remove-Item -Path HKLM:\Software\Microsoft\SystemCertificates\SMS\Certificates\* -Force

    4. Shutdown the template/master image and then provision the vdi systems.

    Also, whenever you have an issue with Software Center, always check to see what the ConfigMgr applet looks like in Control Panel. If it only has two items in the Actions tab, then there is an issue with the client setup.

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    I think there could be several reasons for this:

    -could be dotnet related issue as Deepak explained

    – be problem if you use no persistent vdi

    – Hope you don’t have any duplicate records in SCCM

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