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Want your help with an issues that i face frequently in the organisation during OSD and hope to have some expert advise on this.

While reimagine a device we have this query that once the device gets moved to a OU over domain it becomes the part of some specific collection which helps us to deploy some department wise software on it. But it happened so many that even a device becomes the part of that OU it just doesn’t get populated into into majority of collections.
After checking the OU and domain all seems to be in place and even re joining the domain does not help much in this case.

Can someone help with their experience regarding this issue and why this happens and what should be done to eliminate this from happening.

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  1. I considered your question as you mentioned reimage not bare metal.If the machine is getting built first time then it will obviously take some time to provide all relevant information to SCCM,check the different polling cycles, collection evaluation interval of collections etc.
    I remember you raised a query regarding incremental collections also can that also be an issue that it’s not reflecting?

    Regarding to get the description attribute added in SCCM you need to add it in ‘AD system discovery’ option it is not by default. Then you can use query mentioned to tag the individual collection according to department irrespective of OU.The same description you should mention in AD computer account.

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    • HI Ankit,

      Thanks for your reply !

      Yeah the devices are getting build for the first time so it is pretty much out of the box build scenario. Yes we waited for these devices to get populated in all the collection so it comes into the parent collection (ALL SYSTEM) but not in the other one after that so this is causing the issue.

      Yes i did raise the query for the collection update where most of our collection stopped updating and after Anoop’s guidance we used collection evaluator tool to find the problematic collection and recreate that one with direct rule and after that the issue got resolved. In those cases we had hour glass on the collection which never went away but here collection are updating but the one we want the devices to get populated into has the missing device so collection update is not the case here that i am pretty sure :).

      For other option to to use description we would sure to that on and thanks again for your valuable suggestion on this.

      Thanks for the inout as it would prove to be super useful for us.


  2. If I can understand correctly then in reimage(imaging on same machine) that machine should already be part of OU and already populated to those collections in SCCM(until and unless you are not deleting that machine from SCCM pre reimage).

    Use Description attribute in AD for computer account.For specific department mention the description according to that and then get that description populated in SCCM Collection with help of query.

    select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client from SMS_R_System where SMS_R_System.Description = “Description here”

    So in future if you reimage a machine whether machine is part of that OU or not , its already part of those required collection.

    • HI Ankit,

      Thanks for your reply !

      So we have unknown computer collection in place in our environment and the devices that i am talking about are out of them box and bare mental pretty much so they should not be the part of any collection until they come on domain and becomes the part of different OU depending on the input given with the UI during WinPE.

      But the issue i am facing is those devices are coming on domain and are the part of designated OU but fails to get reflected in some major collections.

      Have you faced such situation in your experience and if yes the could you give me a link that could be used for the Use Description attribute in AD so it could be accommodated in SCCM.


    • Hi Ankit,

      My apology i have missed the query you have given :).

      Just wanted to confirm could this query be applicable for the devices in different OU and the way those gets populated in SCCM collection?

      Thanks again for the reply.


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