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I have just upgraded to window 10 1803 to Window 10 1903 and it went well. Now what is happening , no application is being showing in software center . Before the upgrade package it was smooth. Any suggestion what can be look into and which logs needs to be seen.



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    Are you running a PKI environment? If so, does your client have the PKI cert installed and registered correctly? If you’re running PKI and you don’t have a valid cert and the device isn’t registered as being in PKI as well, then that may be why your not seeing apps.


    Is this happening on all the upgraded Window 10 1903 machines or only few ?

    On a problematic machine can you see all the actions listed in the ConfigMgr applet within control panel

    Please check this and it may lead to some clues.

    Just in case check for duplicate entry for the machine name – that could be one possibility too


    One of the easiest ways to fix this is to uninstall and then reinstall the SCCM client on the systems. Test this on one or two computers.

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  1. Hello Saurabh, Look for Execmgr.log for detailed analysis . Ensure the device in which you currently logged in doesn’t have multiple users logged in!!


      HI Jitesh,

      I am not able to trace any warning and error on Execmgr.log, I am attaching or pasting the execmgr.log here to check . and i have the same user which was logged in the previous . (I am not able to see any attachment link so i paste one of the repeated sequence ).

      Please help me to sort this out .

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