Software metering report for visio & project


Can you help with query for getting software metering report for visio & project.. Thanks.

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    Hello Ram Kumar,

    Is Software Inventory enabled in your environment to collect data of .exe files? If yes and if the software metering rule is already in place then you can use inbuild reports of software metering .

    Below is one of the report which you can use to get the details:

    “Computers that have a metered program installed but have not run the program since a specified date”

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      Thank You.
      Yes, software metering is enabled.
      I have ran runmetersumm for cas db in cas.
      Post that I tried fetching default report and its blank. It’s not allowing to select value in that report.


    Hi, I am new to software metering
    But I could see under software metering it’s configured for visio and project.

    Can you help on procedure on how to get started.
    I need help on how to summarize using meter summarization tool or manual command line for summarization.

    After running summarization will the report get generated automatically or I need create query for getting report ?

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