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Software Metering Data not showing after Feb2020. Is it not pull the data when user is VPN ?. IF yes then what need to check .

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    Hi Mohan,

    Thanks for responce.

    If I add new software metering it’s pull the data but till feb20. The same case for all other software.
    Not getting any usage data for month March and April 20. This is the problem.


    Hi Barun,

    Is this software metering not working all user in your origination or only limited users ? as you said you configured scanning one in a week, might they didn’t connected with VPN during that time.

    Could you please try to run Action item for software metering from configMgr client manually and validate metering inventory in SCCM when they the computer connected with VPN.

    And also please validate VPN Network boundaries as Guru mentioned in above.

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    Default Client Policy and Custom Client Policy shcedule for 7 Days. mtrmgr.log looks good.


    You are saying it is not working after Feb 2020. Does that mean earlier it was working ?
    As suggested by Harjit and Jitesh, please check the settings and logs.

    It should all be fine as long as you are managing machines from the VPN boundaries, VPN and metering not working is something odd to co-relate until you have some historical information regarding this to understand better.


    Hello Barun, Validate the settings as suggested by Harjit. Check mtrmgr.log for details which monitors all software metering processes.


    Software Metering is enabled in Client Settings and with a schedule on when the data collection needs to happen. Check if you have this configured.

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