Software update group – patch superseding


We have adr setup.

This month consider I sync software updates manually. So wsus syncs and metadata get updated in sup.

When I check sug – some updates shown superseded. Then I ran adr that evaluates and replaced superseded update.

I have sug that shows superseded update. We added cureent month update which got replaced and still superseded updates show in sug.

Please let me know whether this will be removed automatically by scanning sup if I have new replaced update


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  1. Hello Ram,

    Kindly close the thread if you don’t have any issue at the moment. You are always welcome to initiate a new one and this one can be used as reference question.

  2. Hi all,
    I am really sorry
    As of now i do not have any issues.

    I really want to learn the process of supersede updates and it’s syncing process.

  3. Adding to all answers by Anoop and Harjit could you please validate these settings too and let us know what you see in your site?

    I know it’s too much to ask but it’s gonna help us drill down further.

  4. This answer is edited.

    This is what you need to do

    Perform WSUS cleanup to remove expired updates

    Or remove manually from your SUG

  5. Apart from adr
    I have one sug in which we have all months updates for new pc deployment.
    There I seen superseded updates after sup sync
    Later he manually moved current month update to it
    But still I seee last month superseded updates
    Normally how this will get removed.?

  6. It depends on SUG configuration …I don’t know how it will automatically get remove

    SCCM should know someway to remove superseded updates from SUG… where are you configuring it? apart from ADR?

  7. Check the ADR log file to understand this better

    ruleengine.log Records details about automatic deployment rules for the identification, content download, and software update group and deployment creation.

    • This software update group is not in adr mode.
      We set – sup settings to immediately supersede update.

      My question is will superseded update get removed after adding the current month replaced update for that.

  8. Yes, exclude takes priority.

    I have one sug with last month supersede update. Same sug have current month update as well.

    I do not see superseded update getting removed after adding current month update manually.
    How this works ?

  9. Exclude takes priority if I understand correctly !

    Do you see anything different ?

  10. Also another stupid question here
    If I have same server in include and exclude collection. Which one takes priority ?
    Is it recommend to use same pc name in both exclude and include collection ?

  11. Thany you. I have same settings from snapshot.
    I have 1 sug which is not added to adr
    I still see superseded updates there.
    When it will get removed

  12. Add Superseded = No in your ADR search criteria.

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