Software update not installed but SUG is showing compliant from SCCM


HI Everyone,

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I have been facing an issue with the monthly software updates where i have created a SUG consisting of 23 to 13 patches for the month of April.

From the SCCM side it shows the machine is compliant with that SUG however those patches are not installed on the machines and the machine hasn’t been patched for months missing previous updates.

Upon checking the policy agent.log the policy is coming for that SUG and the update store.log shows no patches are missing and needed for that machine and it is compliant where in practicality it hasn’t received any patches for months.

Can someone help me understand why a machine that hasn’t been patched for months shows it doesn’t need any patches and shows compliant? We have checked the product and category and everything appears to be absolutely fine with this SUG.

Hope someone’s experience could help me figure out the reason behind this.

Thanking in advance.
Shashi Dubey

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    HI Team,

    just an update as per the recommendation I have installed the latest SSU on the server and still, the issue didn’t get resolved.

    What could be the next troubleshooting steps we follow on it as the applications and packages are getting installed without any issues only the issue is there with the software updates.

    Shashi Dubey

  1. Mostly because of SSU update is missing ..have you checked the same.


      HI Team,

      Thanks for the reply !!

      Yes, these servers could be having tons of updates missing as they haven’t been patched for more than 7 months but still we are unable to find any missing patch report based on the current scanning status of SCCM.

      Could you help me figure out any article that could help me track down if there is any SSU missing for these 2012R2 servers or not?

      And have you faced a similar issue after installing these SSUs the issue got resolved with a similar scenario?

      Hope your experience would help me address this issue.

      Shashi Dubey

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