Software update synchronization is only working for 2 servers at a time , one upstream and one downstream


Error :

WSUS Synchronization failed.
Message: The operation has timed out.
Source: .

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    Yes we are using database on downstream server.

    I checked by launching WSUS console manually it is stuck in unknown state


    We have four secondary sites , Primary site server has configured as Upstream WSUS server and all secondary site has configured as downstream WSUS servers.

    What I have observed sync only works for primary and one downstream server at a time.

    From which log we can identify that this is happening because of connectivity or proxy issue ?

  1. What you mean by sync is working upstream and one downstream ? Which log you checked ?

    Timeout error is mainly because of connectivity or proxy issues!

    Have you tried to Lauch WSUS console from downstream servers ? If not try that ?

    Are you using sql database or WID for downstream servers

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