Software updates synchronisation not working



I’m was set-up SCCM Lab my Loptop

Synchronisation not going every schedule time showing error but not resolving issues

How can possible to start sync  immediate as run manually synchronisation ?

I tried sync literally many times But not secucedd synchronisation after run

I back to install and reinstall SUP but 😔😔😔

So please hope give me solutions as soon as possible

Thank you advance


Thank you

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  1. No response hence closing the thread!


    Nothing is properly installed until it starts working.

    1.Have you checked the video link shared by Anoop?
    2.Can you check the ports mentioned in SUP role, have your mentioned 8530?
    3.Also share the error in WCM log, see if WSUS is able to connect on port 8530 in WCM log.
    4. try below command and see if it works

    net stop wuauserv (this will stop windows update service)
    rd /s %windir\SoftwareDistribution\ (this will delet software distribution folder)
    net start wuauserv (this will start windows update service)

    5. after you run commands again run sync.

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    It clearly shows to refer WCM.log, please check for error in that log

    Have you checked the accounts and permissions are correct?
    Check the ports inside default website of WSUS in IIS.

    You can follow below link to configure WSUS and SUP by following anoop’s post.

  2. If you want to learn more about logs to troubleshoot

    The flows which you need to check things from client side
    1. Locationservices.log – Check whether it’s able to find WSUS Path= and Distribution Point with patches
    2. WUAHandler.log to check whether scan is completed or not
    3. Updatedeployment.log – Check for deadline of the assignment and Software Updates client configuration policy, DetectJob completion received for assignment, Added update (Site_, PercentComplete, etc…
    4. Execmgr.log – Execution is complete for program Software Updates Program
    5. RebootCoordinator.log – Reboot related things
    Software Update Troubleshooting –

  3. I have explained the entire setup of SCCM software update and SUP, and Patching update

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