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I’m configuring an SCCM infrastructure with one Primary Server Active and one Passive. To achieve this I need to set up the SCCM DB on an SQL Always On Availability Group.

I’m going to run my SQL service by using a domain service account.

Under normal circumstances, I would create on my domain an SPN for my service account by using the SQL server NETBIOS name and another with the FQDN.  See below:

setspn –A MSSQLSvc/<SQL Server NETBIOS name>:1433<DomainAccount>
setspn –A MSSQLSvc/<SQL Server FQDN>:1433 <DomainAccount>

But as in this case my SQL server is going to be a cluster, I don’t know how to register the SPN. Do I use the name of the cluster? One per server participating in the cluster?

I’m pretty confused about this…… :(

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    You need to register the spn for always on availability group listener.

    Check the section SPN for Always-On SQL Listener in the below blog


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