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can we leverage SQL without any charges if we have configuration manager licenses?? I read the below statement in microsoft link
Configuration Manager includes SQL Server technology. Microsoft’s licensing terms for this product allows your use of SQL Server technology only to support Configuration Manager components. SQL Server client access licenses are not required for that use.


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    I have some more details in the following post on SQL-related licenses when used along with SCCM.

    SQL standard is free to use with SCCM if you have less than 50K devices.

    The SQL DB license includes WSUS, SSRS, etc…



      that’s cool,however our config manager licenses is a part of office 365 bundle.. will usage of Sql standard be free in this case as well ??? I want to project that this as a cost saving factor to our client and implement the same in our Dev environment.


        I’m not licensing expert but there are two parts to the SCCM license. I think it’s better to get clarification from Microsoft licensing experts that they have given any special consideration for your scenario.

        Licensing is a complex topic and most of these are not always documented well. So it’s better to have that conversation with MSFT licensing contact for your organization.

        The genric information I know is already shared in the above blog post.

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      Thanks so much!!! I shall discuss further with MS team.

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