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I need SQL query in sccm to get report of zoom client installed on client machines.

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  1. You can use the same SQL query just change the app name to Zoom


    Select Distinct
    v_R_System.Name0 as ‘machine’,
    v_R_System.User_Name0 as ‘username’,
    v_R_System.AD_Site_Name0 as ‘Location’,
    v_R_System.Resource_Domain_OR_Workgr0 as ‘Domain’,
    v_Add_Remove_Programs.DisplayName0 as ‘displayname’,
    v_Add_Remove_Programs.Version0 as ‘Version’
    From v_R_System
    Join v_Add_Remove_Programs on v_R_System.ResourceID = v_Add_Remove_Programs.ResourceID
    Where v_Add_Remove_Programs.DisplayName0 Like ‘%Zoom%’
    and v_Add_Remove_Programs.DisplayName0 not Like ‘%update%’
    and v_R_System.Active0 = ‘1’

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