SQL Query to get all device drivers installed like (graphics,audio,chipset) details with version information


Could you please help  me to get Sql query to get installed device delivers details like Hostname,make,Model ,driver name ,verion  ect

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    You can use different imvetory classes to get the details , like for intel HD graphics , nvidia graphics , realtek audio driver these entry are found in add and remove programs.If you want for video driver you can use v_gs_video_controller class also to get the details.
    v_gs_pc_bios you can get bios details.

    check below article


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  1. I don’t have the query ready to use for this. However you can try checking sccm hardware default reports


    Let me know if you don’t find the details
    Then we might need to take the query from take some extra steps like custom inventory etc

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