Sql query to get localized application name of all the application


Hi Anoop,


Do we have any sql query so that I can get localized application name of all the applications in sccm.

I have tried getting the information from table v_applications however localized application name is not available.

Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hi Ankit,

    Was unable to get the desired result.
    I have additional requirement, to get object path of the localized display name of the application along with localized display name.

    With powershell I was able to get the localized display name of the application but i am unable to get the object path.

    Anoop C Nair please suggest

    • I think you need to develop the SQL query that is shared by Ankit. I mean you can check whether this information is collected and available in SQL DB or not.

      If so, you can easily change the query or add additional columns to include the details that you need.

      Best answer

        Sample query to get application name and Software Center localized application name
        select apps.ci_id,apps.displayname,swc.title
        from fn_listlatestapplicationcis(1033) as apps
        left join fn_LocalizedAppProperties(1033) as swc on apps.CI_ID =swc.CI_ID
        order by apps.displayname


    Thanks anoop.

    Will check and update.


    Can you check below query it may help you you might need to modify a little.

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