SQL Squery for Audio Drver Installed date and version


Hi Team
Am looking for Sql query to get Audio driver installed date and version for all system

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    Thanks lot for your Quick response its working as expected


    Hi NagaRaju,

    Actually Audio driver package installation details recorded in Add & Remove programs, try this query.

    vrs.Name0 AS [Computer Name],
    vrs.Resource_Domain_OR_Workgr0 [Domain],
    opp.Caption0 [Operating System],
    CASE WHEN b.ClientActiveStatus = 1 then ‘Active’ else ‘InActive’ end as ‘CM Client Active Status’,
    sof.DisplayName0 [Installed Software],
    sof.Version0 [Version],
    sof.Publisher0 [Publisher],
    sof.InstallDate0 [Software Installed Date]

    dbo.v_R_System AS VRS LEFT OUTER JOIN
    dbo.v_CH_ClientSummary as b on vrs.ResourceID = b.ResourceID left outer join
    dbo.v_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS AS SOF ON vrs.ResourceID = sof.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN
    dbo.v_GS_OPERATING_SYSTEM AS OPP ON vrs.ResourceID = opp.ResourceID

    where sof.DisplayName0 like ‘%Audio%’
    AND sof.Version0 not like ‘NULL’

    Let us know if it helps you

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