How can we enable SCCM_Ext.Add_Remove_Programs_DATA_DD table of SCCM. As per SNOW term, this contain record of removed applications. I am not able to find this info in HardwareInventory class. Any suggested link will help.

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  1. Thank you Anoop and Karthikeyan for the reply.
    Post SCCM 1906 , SCCM_Ext.Add_Remove_Programs_DATA table is depreciated. Below is the link

  2. Hi,

    In service now, There is an API available to connect the SCCM database using read-only access to fetch the information from SCCM DB to service now mid server.

    Table name : SCCM_Ext.Add_Remove_Programs_DATA

    Please use relevant document and enable the table from your service now API plugin.


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    Is this related to servicenow ? I don’t think Microsoft support any scenario of editing SCCM Database … But you can see more details here about how to integrate Servicenow with SCCM


    my recommendation is not edit SCCM DB

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