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Hi Anoop and Team,

I have few server with healthy sccm client But as long as I’m logged into the server once I log off from the server those server are getting disappeared from sccm console within 15 to 20 minutes after that if I run DDR again then the those servers are appearing in Console.

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  1. Hi All,
    I had a meeting and found that all servers are clone using a single machine,
    So in Console only one machine is appearing at a time.

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  2. How is your server built? Is it a VM? Is that VM image used to build all the servers in your environment?

    You can check out for this blog if you are having duplicate hardware identifiers

    or other possibilities can be as mentioned below.

  3. Hi,

    Any recent changes in SCCM Site maintenance? Ensure your managment point is up and running fine.

    *Verify the clientidstartupmanager.log


  4. Do you suggest to update anything in Host file ?

    Or in regedit.. ?

    This issue is with almost 35-40 servers.

    • The options you had to analyse the logs after logged in to server & When Clients disappear and Event Viewer as all suggested….

    • I agree with others here… You need to find the cause …

      Something is happening unusual happening either at SCCM server end or client end for sure.

      I don’t think host file entry or registry might help you in the long term

  5. Already Tried below steps, Just In case..

    net stop ccmexec
    certutil /delstore SMS SMS rename c:\windows\SMSCFG.INI TO c:\windows\SMSCFG. INI.old
    net start ccmexec

    But No Luck 🙁

  6. Hi Guru,
    Thank you for getting back so quickly.
    No there is no overlapping of boundary and they are not newly provisioned servers..

    Also they do not have duplicate GUID.

  7. Strange !!!!

    Any overlapping boundaries (by chance) ? can you check

    Also if these servers are new, how they got provisioned … meaning build process … any possibilities it would have created duplicate GUID … some wild guess.

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