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Hi Team,

We are sending compliance report every month end to all teams. For example – windows , dba etc

Is it possible to add new column name in the report. Is this customisation recommended.

For example

Server name.  Team name.  Compliance.


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  1. Got it. Thanks

  2. HI,

    Everything possible to bring in SQL query except IT owner name.

    Because there is no logic behind SCCM to identify which IT owner name is assigned to what computer.


    Best answer
  3. Hi,

    How SCCM can comes to know this computer application owner name is like this name?

    Is that any logic which is available in AD?


  4. I am fine with simple compliance report. But I need to have owner name column
    How to feed owner names in views.

    Device name
    Compliance percentage
    Last scan date
    Last patched date
    Owner name

  5. For example
    Server name – xxx
    Owner name – windows

    Server name – yyy
    Owner name – DBA

    Server name – xxx
    Owner name – IT server

  6. Hi Karthikeyan,
    I am looking to have below columns in report.
    I need to add column name – owner name.

    – device name
    Update classification
    Critical updates
    Security updates
    Definition updates
    Feature packs
    Service packs
    Update roll-ups
    Windows update agent
    Software update point
    Last scan state
    Last scan date
    Date last patched
    – owner name of the server

  7. Hi,

    Yes. Possible to customize your reports based on your requirements. Please share your full requirement.

    I will share the SQL query and RDL file.


  8. Hello Ram, Could you please check the article explained for SSRS Reporting Details!


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