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Hi CS Kannan,

I am trying to gain knowledge in reporting and could you please help me with “Basic SQL URL” , “Other useful URL” related to this topic which we discussed on our weekend session.


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  1. Hi,

    Please download the all SCCM BAU Related SQL queries from below path. This will also fullfill your BAU requirements.


  2. Watch out for blog post from and youtube channel 🙂

    meanwhile to learn SQL queries you can use This is good from basics to complex join queries.

    From SCCM reporting point of view select queries with joins will fulfil the most of query requirements, also I use to save queries in text files for future reference once I had the quires built, that is the best practice I suggest and keep practice them to not to forget.

  3. A blog post is one the way … sit tight …

    Subscribe to YouTube channel and

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