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I would like to request assistance in understanding the state messages flow from remote MP to SCCM Site server where all of them get fed into the database. Need someone help with the folder where the stage messages when sent from the client first VIA CCMMESSAGING component first reside and then it was sent to the site server and processed into the database.

I have read a beautiful article on this by “Steve Rachui” but was hoping to have some assistance if I want to track the.SMX file into the inbox of the site server where should I look for is it inside the inbox or outbox folder? and where is the location of it?

Also, where should i look for the .SMX file being come into the site server and then gets processed into the database.

If someone could help me with the proper inbox component involved from both remote MP and site server and the log responsible for it to troubleshoot the blockage it would be extremely appreciated.

Hope some’s experience can help me out.

Arvind Dubey

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  1. Hello Arvind, You can review mp_relay.log & mpfdm.log for the transfer, track the activity for the site server.

    You could check the details on state message flow on below Microsoft Posts



      Hi Jitesh,

      Thanks a bunch for your time and reply !

      I have checked MP_realy and it is working absolutely fine however while checking the MPMDF lof file i am continuously getting the below line:
      FDM staging folder polling thread starting”

      “”Switching to pull files”

      “remote site is in pull mode”

      “passive site server is not found”

      “current machine is not configured to keep the copy of remote files”

      SDM staging folder polling thread terminating

      The remote site is in pull mode.

      That’s all i could see in the MPMDF log on remote MP.

      We have huge state messages trapped inside the outbox of the remote MP and they are not getting processed. So hoping someone’s experience could help me out in this.

      Arvind Dubey

      • Hopefully you might have already resolved the issue. If so, kindly share the resolution for the team. Closing the question for now.


          HI Anoop,

          My sincere apologies for replying on this issue so late !!

          Yes, the issue has been currently investigated by the SQL team of MS to increase the performance of the SQL database so the file could be processed more quicker from the DATALDR component into the SQL database.

          All the components are working fine from SCCM side and currently, the issue is from the database end.

          Shashi DUbey

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