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In my infra, for few DPs when i check the status message from “site status”(Monitoring->System status->site status), i do not see anything but if i query for last month i see ..


So I assume for the past 1 week or so i do not see any messages ..


Please help

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    Hello folks

    Please help with next steps to proceed further



    Yes sir, i went through the doc..

    Should i check the installation status of DP from hman.log?
    And may I know what should i look for in distmgr.log,..

    All the DPs here are remote ones.

    And distmgr.log i should check in pri site server or in remote dp/site system server?

    Please advise.

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    Can you check the Distmgr.log and I have documented more details in the post about the log files

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