Steps to combine 2 standalone primary site to one site


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We have 2 standalone primary sites which is not connected by a CAS.

So right now we are planning to merge the lesser resource site to another site.

the small site we have only 1k+ resources and the site we are merging to we have 30k+ resources.

Right now we are planning the following requirement before the migration.




we have 2 separate CMGs in both locations right now we are planning to go with 1 since it is merging.

nothing required from DB since it is remote one.

need to change the SCCM client to the new site can we go a head with script to change the site code?

and please add any other things we need to really look before the migration



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  1. My preference would

    1. Clean uninstall and install of the client
    2. Startup script to install the new client with new site code
    3. Client Push if possible
    4. Use the script to change the site code – but not sure how the certificates work fine or not

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