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Working with a customer who is currently on ConfigMgr 1910.

Trying to set up third party patching using Lenovo updates catalog. However, I seem to be getting an error 12029, unable to create the subscription.

When checking the SMSAdminUI.log that doesn’t provide any additional information.

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Now the ConfigMgr environment is configured for 3rd party updates and I can see the Third-party WSUS certificate deployed and configured. I have made the adjustment to the client settings as well.

Checking the software update point site system role, it is on the primary site server so no need for the additional SSL requirements, it is configured so the SSL is required for communication to WSUS server on 8530/8531 and it is configured to use a proxy server when synchronizing updates.

The environment is already used as a SUP for general windows updates and they are working fine so confused why third party catalog upload isnt working.

Any ideas? Is it proxy related. I can see from the notes that over HTTPS port 443 is needed. however would that apply for Lenovo?

Please help

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    I think this was a know issue and fixed now in the latest versions of ConfigMgr

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    Also I am using the latest v3 lenovo catalog URL at

    it says v2 but it is actually v3 they have just used the same URL.

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