Suggestion require regarding IBCM funtionality -internet source clients connecting mp & switching to new distribution point ?


in details – we configured SCCM IBCM server standalone server – where we used SSL certificate – internet source client via 443 communicating to IBCM server – but on DMZ Distribution point – supporting only 4k clients.

but in lock-down situation here, more 10k client avail on internet. for that we are planning to setup 2 more standalone IBCM server in DMZ network – where internet source client communicate with IBCM server and use DP.

now question – which client coming from internet source – connecting MP- and is take near by DP-? i mean if DP busy with client switching new DP means near by DP.  get download from DP.

two more 2 standalone IBCM server control 10k client ?

please suggest.? or can we use same SSL cert on both server.

where currently used for existing iBCM server?

require your suggestion, please.


thank you.


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  1. Any update on this thread?


    I Believe it is a duplicate question and was answered in the similar context as below:

    Did it help??

    IBCM doesn’t works that way, you can not have round robin or load balancing.
    Please note even if you place another DP in DMZ exposed to internet (technically possible but MS may not support the scenario) you really cant control this traffic bcoz you do not have boundaries to configure and restrict the traffic between both the DPs .

    Are you expecting your 13K devices always online over internet and connecting to IBCM DP with concurrent sessions ? If you have those many concurrent connections happening then you have issue / limitation here.

    Personally I do not think you will have 13K concurrent connections towards IBCM DP. With 4K support on existing DP you should be still good i believe.

    Having said this, recommendation is to move towards cloud services .. plan for CMG

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      Yes sir, we are not using round-robin or load balancing. we are planning setup standalone IBCM in DMZ as it same configuration of IBCM SCCM server.

      suppose we have 8k client ..
      as client functionality if DP busy or no of client connected over DP suppose 4k client- then which are remain 4k client connecting i mean switching another DPs get download from another distribution point. (nearest dp) – we considering this method for that planned to setup another 2 standalone IBCM in DMZ zone. – we are going to right directions.

      right now not plan move to CMG. but after 4moths will move cmg

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