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Hello HTMDians,

As the title says my question is about switching all the communications from Unencrypted 80 to Encrypted 443 (Or any other custom ports defined by MS). I read the below article published by Anoop Nair and it made me think about consequences of this HTTP RIP.


So the question is how can i make this switch smooth and what are the parameters i need to keep in mind before i do it.

Is there any easy way to do it?

Few months before i read below article by Anoop Nair which talks about it in-depth and i already implemented it.

Do i need to change anything else to make sure communication doesn’t break between all the clients and SCCM servers?

I have test infrastructure so all the thoughts are welcome asĀ  i can directly test and update results in this forum.

My current setup.

1 Primary, 4 MP, 3 HTTP and 1 HTTPS MP, CMG, 43 DP’s, 41 HTTP and 2 HTTPS (CDP included). 2 SUP, 1 HTTP and another one HTTPS.

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    Thanks a lot Sir. Yes we are using FSP. I am in touch with MS Designated Site Engineer and got somewhat same answer. I will update my findings (If something new) in the same thread. Thanks for the time.

  1. Hello – Thank you Deepak for the detailed explanation. I don’t know about the any of the impacts with this HTTP to HTTPS shift with the help of eHTTP….

    I think Fall back status point communications could be a challenging one if you are using the same?

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