Syncing Comanagement Workload on Off prem Devices


Hi Team,I am looking for some help. In our environment , we have co managed devices. Currently Only Device compliance workload in set to Intune, remaining authority is set with SCCM. We do have requirement to move the windows update workload to Intune.Unfortunately 90% of our devices are off Prem with no means of connectvity to site. Is there a way if workloads are shifted in SCCM to Intune , the devices off prem can get the workload settings applied so that we could roll out windows updates

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    I never tested the scenario of workload shift from SCCM to Intune when the clients don’t have SCCM connectivity.

    I think it’s easy to test this scenario by using the pilot option in workload shift? Also, use a test collection with 1 or 2 Windows PCs.

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