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with my SCCM infrastructure a need to provide service to a sub-domain and therefore I’m planning to publish information from my site to that sub-domain.

I have created the system management container in my parent domain and assigned the necessary rights to the site servers, but do I have to create a system management container on the sub-domain as well?

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Guillermo Vélez

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    Starting from SCCM 2012 can support forest level. but for system management container permission. if the SCCM servers are belongs to sub domain then you need to create system management container on sub domain also and permission also required.

    I am not sure whether my answer is correct or wrong. But in my environment. we have given permission to sub domain also. because few sccm servers and clients are belongs to sub domains.



    No, not required to create in sub domain.

    It is a forest level one time operation so no need.

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