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  1. Hello Prajeeshit, As Harjit Suggested – Please Try to launch Configure ConfigMgr Integration and validate “MDT Integration into SCCM Server”

    – Check whether you had updated ADK Version Installed, able to open the unattended.xml files inside from MDT Toolkit Package.
    – Try to replace the files inside “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\bin\Microsoft.BDD.CM12Actions.dll” that may be get corrupted.


      Thank you, I have resolved the first issue. Currently my task sequence is failing “Use Toolkit Package”. error message screenshot already given

      • Thanks Prajeeshit for update, Please check the smsts.log for details. Ensure Toolkit Package is properly distributed to SCCM DPs.

        Please don’t mixup questions, expecting to use provide info in appropriate way – Other will get confused, earlier you had provided the error for what we had suggested resolutions


    That looks like a MDT integrated step. Did you integrate MDT in your console?

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