Task sequence failing with error code 0x87D00267 after upgrading SCCM infra to 2002


task sequence is failing to run with error code 0x87D00267  after upgrading SCCM infra to 2002.

Also I have noticed only application installation is getting failed, Package execution is fine.

Error Screenshot:

Task Sequence Error - HTMD Forum - Welcome to the world of Device Management! This is community build by Device Management Admins for Device Management Admins❤️ Ask your questions!! We are here to help you! - Task sequence failing with error code 0x87D00267 after upgrading SCCM infra to 2002

Info from Database for task execution:

Action Name: Install Global No Choice Applications – Part 1

LastStatusMessageIDName: The task sequence execution engine failed executing an action

ExitCode: -2016411033


m_hResult, HRESULT=87d00267 (installapplication.cpp,1214)
Step 7 out of 9 complete
Sending error status message
Setting URL = https://Servername, Ports = 80,443, CRL = false
Policy Evaluation failed, hr=0x87d00267
Install application action failed: ‘Citrix Receiver 14.4.3 (LTSR)_V3’. Error Code 0x87d00267
Setting Server Certificates.
Setting Authenticator.
Sending StatusMessage
Setting the authenticator.
CLibSMSMessageWinHttpTransport::Send: WinHttpOpenRequest – URL: Servername:443 CCM_POST /ccm_system_AltAuth/request
SSL, using authenticator in request.
In SSL, but with no client cert.
In SSL, but with no media cert.
Request was successful.
hrInstallation, HRESULT=87d00267 (installapplication.cpp,989)
pInstall->InstallApplications(saAppNames, sContinueOnError), HRESULT=87d00267 (main.cpp,284)
Install application action cannot continue. ContinueOnErrorFlag is set to false.
Install Static Applications failed, hr=0x87d00267


Will update the required logs once we received from Local IT techs.

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    Hi Anoop & Jithesh,

    Thanks for your support issue fixed now.


    Hello Prasanth, Generally error 0x87d00267 appeared when Its failing to download content.

    Try to increase the execution time as suggested or refer this -https://nhogarth.net/2015/11/28/task-sequence-failed-0x87d00269/

    Best answer

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