Team is missing in Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise application for SCCM CB 2006


I have created the 64 bit “Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise” application with Semi-Annual Channel with all application selected except “OneDrive (Groove)” and “Skype for Business” in SCCM CB 2006 but when I installed this application then team application is missing on end user machine.

So is there any specific issue with it?

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    I would like to share further observations.

    It is observed that Microsoft Team is failed to launch for the current user (for which office 365 app gets installed) but getting launch for any other user.

    I tried by logoff and restart as well but no luck. Existing MS team is not getting uninstall or replace.

    How can we tackle this? Please suggest


      Sorry for the late reply.

      This is to update that following this issue we had raised a Microsoft case and as per MS reply, Microsoft Team is supposed to be installed as a separate installer and exclude it from Office 365.

      Anyway, Thanks Jitesh for your suggestions.


    Thank you so much Jitesh for your reply. Now I can see the Microsoft team app.

    Below are the observations –
    – First time it was not showing when installed the office 365 application in an available mode with SCCM admin account
    – After restart when I logged in again with SCCM admin account it starts showing on one machine but not on another machine
    – There was no registry key created at the above-mentioned path
    – There was a registry key “TeamsMachineInstaller”at HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
    – When I manually triggered team.exe mentioned at the above path, the Microsoft Team started.
    – When I logged in with another user, the Microsoft Team started automatically.

    So in nutshell, this seems to be the default behavior of the Microsoft Team.

    • Thanks for the detailed information. You don’t need to trigger the Setup manually! If teams.exe is copied to Program files, It will auto trigger through Run register for first time when users logged in to device and user profile is created C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams.

      Please record your complete observations in few devices and let us update!



        This is to update that, I did tests on few more machines and found that after installation of Office 365 application you need to logoff and login to get the MS team application launch.

        With installation of Office 365, team machine-wide installer is getting installed which will get converted to Microsoft team when you relogin on the system.

        Hope this will be helpful to someone.

        Best answer

    I have tested fresh as well as with existing MS Office 2013 but in both cases I can’t find Microsoft Team.
    I can see Team Machine-wide installer in Program and Features.

    May I know use of Team Machine-wide installer please, is it an alternative to Microsoft Team?


      Thank you for the reply! Basically installation is handled through Run registry when a new users logged in to system It will trigger the installation with added command line from Run.

      As Microsoft Teams getting installed in Users context, Machine Wide Installer is responsible for installing a copy of Teams to a user profile, when a new user logs and make it available for all users profile.

      Had you tried to restart the device and logged in, As well how about behavior with New User ?

      Can you please check the Registry to ensure, there’s Installation string there and no uninstallation string present that’s preventing to install.

  1. Hello, I would like to check few things to understand. Is this deployment targeted to fresh devices ? Had you initiated the restart to device and checked ? Is the issue persist with all deployed machines?

    — Are you able to see any entries with “Teams Wide Installer” or “Microsoft Team” in Control Panel > Program & features.

    Also try to validate inside Registry if there’s any entry and Run Registry created for Teams or not.

    Registry Path – HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

    More you can refer for details – How to Deploy MS Teams Using ConfigMgr Step by Step Guide|SCCM –

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