The client failed to download policy 2147024894


In All status messages > Getting below errors for many clients ( Component : Advanced Client , Source : SMS Client)

The client failed to download policy. The data transfer service returned “BITS error: ‘HTTP status 404: The requested URL does not exist on the server.
‘ Context: ‘The error occurred while the remote file was being processed.
‘” (-2147024894).

What may be the reason , Any suggestion

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    Hello Ketan,

    Sure. So before we jump to troubleshoot. May we know the configuration of your infrastructure?

    SCCM Version : MECM 2002.

    SQL Version : 2014 SP3. Hosted on Primary site only.
    Primary Site OS : Server 2012 R2

    DP : Total 26 DP’s- Running OS 2008R2, DHCP and DNS on the same box on all 26 local sites.

    MP : Hosted on Primary site only.

    SUP : Hosted on Primary site only.

    WSUS : Hosted on Primary site only.

    And once you fill these details we can continue.

    Meanwhile my best guess is you are seeing that log in DTS and for multiple.
    This usually happens because you have approved updates that are no longer available from Microsoft. But again. Once we get to the logs we will have more ideas.
    We can check it together once you reply about your infra details asked above.

    Best answer

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