The self signed certificate could not be created successfully



Trying to create distribution point role in SCCM 2103 with hotfix rollup applied version but getting error as “The self signed certificate could not be created successfully” on the communication page wizard of DP creation. Below snap for ref.

I have tried the solutions available below but the issue still remains.

  • Check C:Users<USER ACCOUNT>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftCryptoRSA<GUID> but did not find Crypto folder.
  • Restarted SMSAgent Host service and even restarted SCCM server
  • Login user profile is proper.

So please suggest.

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    Hello Jitesh

    Thanks for your reply.

    The issue was with Domain Guest membership for sccmadmin user account. After removing this membership it works.

    Hope this will help someone.

    Best answer

    Hello Parag, I am assuming the account you were using does have proper permission. Generally when creating certificates full access to save to your profile is required.

    More you can check the, After the restart and in process Do you able to see the GUID files

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