Third party reader failed to download full content


Hello Leads,

I have set up a new infra and i am unable to get the full content of Adobr acrobat Reader.  It is just having the meta Data.


ENABLED third party software patches in sup component properties in primary site.

Wsus self signed certificate is unblocked from certificate tab

Enabled Adobe reader  from products.

Sms_ivsupdates_syncagent.log says failed to add content ‘adobe acorbat reader DC’

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    Hi Jitesh,

    i was able to fix the issue with following steps.

    wsuscontent and updateservicespackages folders were missing hence i created it.

    Still there was no luck after resynching and publishing.

    later i gave share permission to all folders for network service, Administrators and WsusAdministrators with full control and ran sync.
    i was able to get full content on third party patches.

    many thanks for a your help.

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    Thankyou. I shall look into the post which you have shared.


    Hello Deepa,

    Mostly this issue occurs when we don’t unblock the certificate, seems that you have already done it! Can you please validate all things from the below post and let us update with logs!

    + SCCM Third-Party Software Updates Setup Step by Step Guide

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