To install FireFox.msi 64- Bit via package method

I am trying to install FireFox.msi 64-Bit via Package method before Deployment I am testing it but I get this pop-up every time and the MSI package is not installing on the test Host.
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Posted by Danish Afzal in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Mike Horton

    Danish Afzal you didn’t need to delete the spaces.

    Numerous people told you that you needed .msi and to enclose it in quotes to which you posted a screenshot saying it still wasn’t working.

    You added the .msi but you forgot the quotes. msiexec.exe /i “Firefox Setup 98.0.1.msi” /q


    Replied by Maged Omar Younis
    Danish Afzal use ” name ” or delete the spaces in the file name

    Replied by Potpot Alegre
    Run in system context via run as admin. Rename the MSI file name try no spaces. Need the full name and path of the installer with extension

    Replied by Danish Afzal
    Yes, it worked I just eliminated all spaces.


    Replied by Jason Santoro

    Danish Afzal does yourself a favor to eliminate errors. CD to the directory where the file is stored. Type msiexec.exe /I /qn

    Replied by Maged Omar Younis

    But file extensions full name “Firefox setup 98.0.1.msi”


    Replied by Naveen Babu

    You need to give the full file name including the file extension (Firefox Setup 98.0.1.msi) while installation…
    Also are you sure Firefox setup is an MSI?

    Replied by Naveen Babu

    Danish Afzal Filename has spaces, enclose them with quotes, it should work


    Replied by Matt Keppler
    Need full filename with extension

    Replied by Matt Keppler
    Danish Afzal do /qn or /qb instead of /q along with the filename with extension

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