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Hi Team,

I have got an request to pull the report of a application which is installed manually ( Microsoft Access ) on users machines.

This application is not pushed via intune or sccm. We are just enabling the MS access in MS Office 365 Pro Manually who would need of. In ARP, we couldn’t see the MS access listed and only we could see MS office pro listed.

We are able to pull the report for other applications, but not only to the MS access. Any recommendation would help please.




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    How you are handling updates of O365 is it automatic updates or you are handling it with SCCM?

    You can pull out a report based on exe file of msaccess and match that with the version of your O365. You can also include path of that exe file in report to cross check if it coming via O365 package.

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  1. Do you see the MS access in Add Remove Program.. or you could only see Office 365 entry in add remove program?

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