TPM need to clear in multiple machines using SCCM for Bitlocker encryption



I am facing some challenges to encrypt bitlocker on hundreds of devices (Dell device), as per the troubleshooting found that TPM is not in ready status on those devices, manual clearing the TPM from TPM.msc and from BIOS worked.

I already tried with Dell CCTK package to clear the TPM but that did not work, same package worked for Enabling and activating the TPM. But TPM clear does not work.

As the pending device count is quite high we need some automation on this, any guide will be really helpful. We have SCCM infra.

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    Thanks Jitesh, I will test this and let you know.

  1. Hello Tanmay, Had you also tried to check manually with Dell CCTK package….

    You can try the method explained by Anton in below post and update! Please use first in your test environment to ignore any issues.


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