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SCCM 1910: I made an app with one primary Deployment Type (“DT1”) and two other DTs that were both listed separately as Dependencies of the first (i.e. not both in a group) – listed as DT2 “AND” DT3.
If I uninstall DT2, it reinstalls it. If I uninstall DT3, it does not. If I uninstall DT2 and DT3, both reinstall.
I could only make it work as I thought it ought by making DT1 depend on just DT2 and then make DT2 depend on DT3.
Any idea what might be going on? Thanks!!
More info: When I uninstall just DT3, AppIntent says it is ResolvedState=None and that DT1 has “dependencies not satisfied”. If I remove DT2 as well, then DT3 says ResolvedState=Installed and then they both reinstall!

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    Originally I set DT1 as dependent on DT2 AND DT3 but didn’t make 2 and 3 dependent on each other – which would seem superfluous if it worked as it looks as though it ought.

    To make it work I had to set DT1 to be dependent on only DT2 and then made DT2 dependent on DT3 separately.


    The dependency which you have added are they also dependent on each other?
    Have you tried the approach on making DT2 and DT3 dependent on each other?
    I have used this in my environment but MS says it should work if they are seperated by AND logic.


    Thanks Ankit.
    My config is already like the first screenshot where it shows the second item in the Dependencies list with an AND.


    Can you check below link hope this helps you to give answer, reply back if it doesn’t.

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