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I have created a TS with one application and a package.I have deployed it using the option “Download content locally when needed by the running task sequence”. Now I am unable to download and install the package in the TS over CMG whereas the application download and install works fine.

If I deploy a standalone package over CMG it works fine. It doesn’t work within the TS with above option.

Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong here?



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    Hi Jitesh,

    Thank you for your response!

    No I am not attempting a bare metal deployment.

    I have just created a test TS with an application and a package. On the client side while I am running this TS, application installation works fine whereas download fails for the package.

    In Deployment option-I have selected “Download content locally when needed by the running TS”

    Download fails only when I select above deployment option. If I select “Download all content locally before starting TS”, it works. However this option is not feasible when I have a TS with multiple language packs and I do not want to download all of them on a client machine (just for and example)

    The above testing is over CMG.

    Could you please suggest?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hello Pranjali, What’s the issue you getting in logs! Are you attempting for bare metal deployment?

    –When you deploy the task sequence over internet, on the User Experience tab, select Allow task sequence to run for client on the internet.

    –To more about deployment option in distribution point setting tab during Task sequence deployment, You can check below post

    + https://howtomanagedevices.com/sccm/3597/sccm-task-sequence-available-deployment-options-in-distribution-points-tab-configmgr/amp/

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